New to NPN

I am new to photography and enjoy being outside with my camera. My favourite photos show wildlife in action. I am looking for more learning opportunities, particularly constructive critiques. I look forward to seeing and learning from your photographs as well.


Welcome to NPN Robena. I know you will enjoy this community. Awesome image there. Great catch.


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Hey, and welcome to NPN! We’re glad to have you and you’ll be sure to find a lot of resources to improve your photos and love photography, more (which is most important)!

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Hi Robena, welcome to NPN!
I think you’re going to like it here, I’m fairly new here myself, everyone I’ve dealt with is very helpful and kind. :slight_smile:

Very nice starter image!
I think you’re off to a good start already!

There’s no other hobby or profession like photography.

All the best,


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Hi Robena! Welcome to NPN! This is a great community to help you learn and improve your photography. This is a really nice first image and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Hello and welcome to NPN. If you’ve joined as a full member, I think you can view past webinars and we just had an excellent one on Action Wildlife photography. That sounds right up your alley. Just do a site search and it should come up.

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Welcome Robena! :slight_smile:

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