Nikon sensor shadows

This is an image taken with the D 500 and 500 mm PF in which on close examination of the background, one can see the reticular pattern of the sensor. The same pattern is visible in the raw file but not as much. The pattern becomes much more visible with noise reduction applied to the background. No blurring of the background other than that from noise reduction with Nik strong noise filter. Has anybody seen this before with a D 500 or other cameras and are there any solutions? I’ve seen this before in other images and I’m unable to find any references on the web. thanks for any help…

Iso-800, 500 mm PF, F6 .3, 3200th, D 500, handheld, 60% of full frame, DxO photo lab 2, Adobe camera raw, TK sharpening action at 10%, Nik strong noise filter on background only, overcast and somewhat foggy.

I see it above the bird in the darker gray. Maybe confirm it in the raw file with Nikon software then send the camera to Nikon. Good luck.

You didn’t happen to shoot this through a fence? This reminds me of shots I have of baseball games where I shot through a chain link fence (200mm @f2.8). The pattern is different, but the effect is similar. Anything in front of the lens that is out of focus gets projected to the back of the image.

The pattern looks way to big to be a pattern from the sensor IMO. Seems like if it were a common problem it would be all over the Internet.

My initial thought was a fence, but maybe a filter or something like that. I once returned a high dollar polarizer due to similar issues. I held it up to the sun and voila, there was my ghosting. Happened more when stopped down.

I’ve had 7 DSLRs (4 Canons, 2 Sigmas, and 1 Sony), and I’ve only seen similar issues when shooting through a fence.