No button to reply to a post in critique

Bonnie Lampley has a post in landscape critique “Water as Stained Glass” that for some reason has no “Reply” button visible. It does seems to be working on the other posts however. Bonny has a really wonderful image there, and I would love to leave her a comment.


Ed, I just checked and the Reply button is there now for me anyway. I had to scroll down a bit on mine to see it, but it was there.

Thanks Shirley. I just checked again and I still do not have a reply button for that post. I even closed out of NPN and went back in. And still had no reply button.

Oh wow! Wonder what is going on? Sounds like something David will need to help you with.

@Ed_McGuirk and @Shirley_Freeman, I don’t have a “reply” button either???

Wow, and I was able to reply. This is strange. Definitely for David to look at.

It’s my fault. I accidentally deleted it and David restored it. There’s probably some bug with restoring a post. Maybe I should repost it. I don’t want to cause David any more trouble.

Sorry I had restored it before calling it a night and didn’t realize it remains locked when you do that. It’s unlocked now! No trouble at all Bonnie :blush:

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Thanks David for the quick response.

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Thank you, @David_Kingham!! :pray:

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