No tomorrow

Why give up taking your step today, waiting for tomorrow? We have no certainties about tomorrow.

Technical Details

Composite: No


Beautiful image and scene, Antonio.

Beautiful soft gentle scene, Antonio, and words to go along. Thank you for sharing with NPN group.

thank you very much, I apprecciated

Many thanks Linda, I glad your like :slight_smile:

Antonio, this is an exceptional image for me, all about light and telling a story about transition. Thanks for sharing.

Just beautiful, and the white border sets it off so well!

Thanks so much Peter, really too good. This glimpse I have seen and crawled many times the other autumns, but I had never managed to immortalize it as I wanted (too much confusion and disturbing elements and difficult pdr). This year I finally succeeded.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This is really beautiful. Just love the feel it has.

Lovely subject, light and composition!

Thank you very much. I apprecciated

Many thanks. I apprecciated