North Atlantic Shore

North Atlantic Shore

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #1

I wish it would still be possible to be evasive about this location. Alas, thanks to Instagram, discount airlines, National Geographic and “photo workshops” it has been overrun by the benighted masses. Very little of the world is left. If I could have had a choice, I would have been born in 1902 rather than 1952.

OM Zuiko 24mm, Sony A7, 1/2s at ISO 200, +1 EV, Capture One.

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(Dave Dillemuth) #2

Stunning, Alberto. Gorgeous range of colors. Yeah, I understand your feelings. I mostly try to photograph off the beaten path but those places are becoming fewer and fewer…

(Ed McGuirk) #3

Really nice Alberto, i love how you captures the pink sky reflecting in the water too. I lik ethis as presented, that sky is a winner, but I think the bottom half of this scene might be a candidate for a panoramic crop too.

(Nick Bristol) #4

This is absolutely beautiful. Great composition with wonderful light and colors. An amazing scene captured beautifully.

(Ed Lowe) #5

This is a flat out gorgeous image, Alberto. the color combination of warm and cool tones is superb and I like the placement of the two pieces of ice. I hear you on the hordes of people; it seems like that is everywhere now.:cry:

(Jim Zablotny) #6

Hi Alberto,

Very nice. The textures of the ice are excellent. I feel the same way. I was photographing rails at a local park and this women crawled between my tripod’s legs to take a picture. A violation of personal space for sure! So I usually try to find spots that nobody knows about–there’s still a few out there. It is the only workable solution for dealing with the mindless hordes of rude people…Jim

(Stephen Stanton) #7

Catching up on some image viewing and only just saw this one, Alberto. Very fine capture. All elements are beautiful, really like the wave. Well done.

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #8

Thank you all!