North Cascades Larch + repost

Updating this post - thanks for the feedback, including the suggested adjustment to the LRC. Here’s an updated image - the prior posted image is now at bottom of this post.

While I truly miss the rich and often quite varied hues of the fall New England hillsides where I grew up, the larch in Washington state doe have their own fun fall niche. It can be especially nice to catch them after a bit of snow - not so much as to cover the needles nor to bring them all down to the ground though!


I love this scene, you’ve captured it really well. The contrast between the snow and the yellow is so good and something you don’t see very often. Also like the wavy layered shapes of the mountain.

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Looks really good, James. I might lighten the lower right corner to more closely match the tones in the rest of the scene, but otherwise, quite fine viewing. The greens and yellows contrasting with the snow works great.

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Jim, this is a great view. The scattering of gold in the surroundings that are shown off so well by the snow makes for a very interesting scene. The long lens compression, that makes the distant trees into small gold dots is a good touch.

Jim: Magnificent scene superbly rendered. I’ve been all around North Cascades but never explored it. Makes me want to go there. Top notch shot. >=))>

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This comment makes me happy :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing it

And thanks for all the other very nice feedback.

Very unique and beautiful scene that looks perfect in the repost. The detail in the snowy top half of the image adds a lot of interest.

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Jim, This image is about yellow. The trees and their interesting shape provide nice image flow, and the continued splash of them in the rear of the image create a terrific composition. Texture is also an excellent element in this image. Thanks for the posting.

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