Not able to open images

Not able to open images

(Larry S Maras) #21

Again?? Phishing warning.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #22

Still can’t see images, sorry - but can read the Discussion groups.


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(Ed McGuirk) #23

On Firefox, now the image thumbnail comes up, but totally blurred out, when you click on it you get a message 'can not load image". About 3 hours ago no blurred thumbnail was visible, nothing was visible.

(Paul Breitkreuz) #24

My latest Firefox is similar without any “can not load image” verbiage…:thinking:

(Ed Lowe) #25

Same here. Using Firefox I have a thumbnail but when I click on it the image is blurred, when I click on that I get a message that says “can not load image”.

(Dennis Plank) #26

And another ditto on the way Firefox is acting.