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Hi Garry & welcome to NPN. This is an eye-catcher for sure. Such interesting texture- is it soft to the touch or super prickly? The background shows it off well. I like the wispy leaves - they make a nice contrast that adds to the overall study. Looking forward to more of your work and your participation. Don’t be shy.

This is a grass in full bloom, the grass is kind of a sawtooth grass and the blooms are stiff.

Very cool. I thought about photographing some blooming grass and/or sedge this morning, but it was too breezy, even in the edge of the woods.

That’s why I took it inside. I used Harbor Freight give away LED’s for lighting. They are also great to carry in the field.

I have a Lume Cube LED that I use in the field as well. Feel free to talk about technique and even show it if you have pics of your set up. Whenever someone does that the thread turns out to be popular and we all learn something. You’ve posted to showcase so critique won’t be part of the discussion, but technique is always interesting.