NZ Stream through Mossy Branches

Was on my way back downstream to the track after I thought the best light had passed, turned around and was wow’d by the way the light was filtering through the mossy branches in the background and how it backlit the mossy rocks.
There is so much to learn about different types and angles of light and how it interacts with different scenes.

iso 100


Many fine things to say about this image. It’s like a tunnel leading you to light. The water is handled masterfully as well. This has a painterly look to it.

Fantastic scenary. I love color

What a beauty, nicely done, Michael. Glad you turned around.

Thanks Igor, yeah I I’ve got a very specific way I like to present moving water.

Thanks! So am I haha

Wow, that is simply magical!

Michael, lots of potential superlatives for this one! I will use magical!


Since magical is already used, how about enchanting? It’s all those things portrayed and captured here.


@Antonio.Aleo Thanks Antonio!
@Bonnie_Lampley @Alan_Kreyger Haha Thanks guys, magical seems to be a common theme!
@Lon_Overacker Cheers Lon, appreciate it

Fantastic image! Very simple and beautiful.

A truly delightful image - so suggestive of time and place.

@Jose_Torres thanks!
@Ian_Wolfenden thank you!

A beautifully captured image, Michael. I like this a lot.