October Butterfly

Specific Feedback Requested

I will be doing a lot of photography on small insects since I have all the time in the world right now. Anything I should focus on such as shutter speed, DOF, things like that

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
This was taken with my 90D and the 100-400 ii at 400mm ISO 640 1/200 at f/20. I wondered if the shutter speed was a little slow, I think I needed the F/20 because of the long FL.

Dean, you’ve got a good collection of colors here. A long lens always means limited depth of field, that’s a major trade-off when shooting macro. It also means that when you see a post of a full frame butterfly with full dof, it’s been cropped unless the wings are spread wide. In this case, I’d say you could have backed off on the zoom just a tad, to get the antennae in the frame although an alternative would be to rotate the camera a bit to angle the body more across the frame and then position the camera so that the full body is sharp letting the wings go soft.

Dean, I am enjoying the colors of the butterfly and the flowers. Very nice. I think Mark gave you some very good advice, which, hopefully whenever I get to shoot again, I hope to remember. It seems to be mostly the DOF/long lens rather than shutter speed, I would think, since the one wing seems to be very sharp. They do move quite fast, so that certainly is something to keep an eye on when shooting small creatures like this. Still a pleasing image.

Thanks Mark and Shirley, they won’t be around anytime soon but I have a ton of them to look at to see how they can be improved. I did not notice the antennae, this is not hard to fix in PS but I will let this photo go