Octotillo on Ledge

Shot this at Big Bend National Park on the walk out of the Ernst Tinaja area. It was a typical cloudless day in the desert so I shot this with the intention of converting to B&W. BBNP is one of my favorite places. The terrain is so varied and so beautiful, plus it’s one of, if not the least visited parks in the nation because it’s so isolated. If you’re never gone, THANK YOU, let’s keep it that way! LOL.

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Real nice, Bill! The conversion works great and a fine looking image.

I love this image, Bill. Such great tones and contrast, and the comp is pleasing.

I agree, the B&W works very well. And yes, Big Bend is a wonderful and still (sort of) lonely place. I visited for the first time more than 25 years ago, and there were far less people than today, though.

Bill, B&W was a great choice!! Excellent comp and I like the dramatic feel it has.

Works wonderfully as presented here, Bill. I recall some of your work from the earlier years from Big Bend, not sure if this was from that time frame or a new take. Regardless, it works very well…:sunglasses:

This is great. The arrangement of the plant and rocks really complement each other. Nice work!


I hate to say it but I have gone, and I will go back because it’s awesome! I did a lot of the roadside attractions the first time and I want to do some backpacking next time so you won’t see me :wink:

It is indeed awesome, Brent. It is so vast and so empty, yet so full at the same time. It’s one of the most special places I’ve ever been too. I used to live not far from BBNP and would go there at least once a month, sometimes more, and it just became more special the more I visited it.

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