Okavango Lions

Okavango Lions

We had been following this couple for a while but all we were getting was the typical interaction you get from a mating couple. We decided to move away to give them some space and this is when they both got up and started walking into an open area looking straight into the last rays of the setting sun. Going wide captured some of the incredible atmosphere of this moment. It was pretty dark by now so you will notice some noise in this image.

Canon EOS 1Dx - EF200-400mm F4.0L IS USM - 400mm - 1/200sec @ f4 - ISO 4000


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Love the side light and it’s impact on the subject as well as the environment !
Looks like they are on a mission !

I think noise is totally unimportant when you get this light and atmosphere.
Beautiful it is, Mario.
Grt, Ingrid.

Lovely light, terrific pose and composition. The noise is not a distraction.