Old guy with a camera

Recent trip to TX


Steve, welcome to NPN! I hope you find this community to be all you hoped it would be. I have enjoyed it for some years now, and so glad that I landed upon it. Such a nice shot you posted with your introduction. I love the lighting and how it leads my eyes right in and through the image. Looking forward to seeing more as well as your comments on others’ images. Again, welcome.

Hi Steve,

Welcome to NPN! Great to have you here and what a beautiful image!

I’m not sure if you or someone else “flagged” this post and not clear what, if anything needs to be done? Please reply here or send me a message with any clarification. It looks like you were able to repost with the two versions, but again not clear what is needed here.

Welcome aboard and let us know if we can help further. We look forward to your images and contributions!


Just wanted to delete the first upload


I edited and removed your original image. Well, at least I think I got the right one. Please let us know if it was the wrong one.

I believe you as the original poster also have the ability to “edit” the post by clicking on the little “pencil” icon. From their though, not so intuitive as you have to know which text/code to delete.

No worries, I get that you’re brand new to the site!

Hi Steve! Welcome to NPN! That’s a beautiful first post. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thanks Lon

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