Old images seem to be gone


Are you still in the process of moving files from the old server to the new? The reason I ask is that if I go to My Images there are images that I click on that bring up posts without any images. These appear to be August 2020 and older.


Also, since the changeover, I have had the same three Editor’s Picks showing on my home page that have been there for at least two weeks. Also, when I peruse other’s photos, I can see how many people have responded, but I can’t see how many have viewed the photo. This morning, when I signed in, my Theme Selector had automatically changed from dark to light.

You have to choose a Theme Selector of Dark-Clean to see the views on a photo. Yes, I noticed the Theme going white last night but now it seems to have recovered.

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The E.P. banner is wonky, but I haven’t noticed the older images thing. It’s all I can do to keep up with new ones! :laughing:

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Hey all, sorry I just came across this. This should be fixed now, there may be a few images missing here and there but 99% should be back. Let me know if you’re still having any problems, this was quite the project to fix but the site should be much better now.