One of my favorite photo opportunities

While walking back from an unsuccessful landscape shoot I spotted this eagle in an unusal spot with this weirdly shaped branch! I’m sorry, me or my dog might have chased him off but even worse, I took a picture of it.
It’s one of my favorite photo’s because I think it is more than ‘just’ a wildlife picture. I feel that I (accidentally) was able to get shape as well as movement, color and grace in this scene. Even the white sky seems to be contributing to the composition as well as it simplified it …almost like in a studio :wink:
I hope you like it too!

Settings for this one: 1/1250, f8, iso 100


Such an interesting composition, the fluidity of the bird and the snaking branch, whilst so stark it’s almost black and white. Great shot.

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How the branch mimics the shape of the eagle’s wing span is an interesting element in your image. To get both in sharp focus helps to complete the story. Could also be two separate images .

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