One of the few

There are baed on latest estimates roughly 7,500 Cheetahs left in the wild in Africa, there is also a very small population in Iran.
Clearly the cheetah is in a much worse position than the Rhino or Lion, I remain astounded that almost nothing is being done to preserve them!
We found this female in Ruaha National Park., Tanzania
200-400mm f4 at with 1.4 ex at 560 mm
F 7.1
ISO 800

Great body line and love the gaze !

Jagdeep Rajput

Thanks very nuch

It is funny how their back line is higher than the shoulders. Built for speed over brawn, they are a dying species. I like this one as presented–background and the cheetah go well together to meet the demand of nature. Well done.

Ken, what is the cause of their depletion? Is it hunting? Loss of habitat? Whatever, a gorgeous animal, well captured and displayed.

Too many people resulting in loss of habitat
Too many Lions!
No protection although Panthera are trying

To get a detailed answer re the cause of the small number of cheetahs, read a book (which is not solely about cheetahs, but other animals as well) called The Tears of the Cheetah. Genetics plays a major role.

Just a great image. Everything works really well here, the colors, DOF, leg separation, eye contact, sharpness and detail.

Thanks for all of your comments, much appreciated.

A lovely image, Ken. Superb detail and pose and the light really makes everything work together. Beautiful.