Only a Mother

Could love a face like this! :smile:

This is a straight shot, only reduced for posting and sharpened slightly (Unsharp Mask-0.5@50%). When I get a chance to work with this I’ll certainly knock down the distracting highlights in the background.

We found him and lots more to shoot along the scenic loop in Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve. I’ve always been fascinated with vultures in general, and especially the blacks since they’re relatively new to me and so much more active than the turkey variety. Their unusual faces just beg for portraiture. Meanwhile I smile every time I look at this guy. He was standing on a concrete abutment, which is reflected in his lower eye to make his gaze a little more “enigmatic” for me.

EDIT- Before anyone commented on the first photo I posted, I found another I liked better. This one is cropped about 50% from the original.

Nikon D7200 handheld with Nikon 200-500mm.

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This is a great close-up portrait of this vulture, Hank! It looks like it’s a VERY old bird with all those skin folds but then I suspect even the juveniles look like this!