Orange night sky

This image is probably more peculiar than attractive.
In my region there is a lot of greenhouse horticulture. The greenhouses are often industrial-sized and produce not only for regional demands, but for exportation.
To accelerate the growth of the crop, sodium lighting is used. The sodium-vapor lamps are efficient, cheap and the crops react favorably to the wavelength. The resulting light pollution can be seen here. It is mandatory to shield the greenhouses against leaking light up to a few meters hight, but the light escapes through the glass roof. When there are low hanging clouds, the whole sky is colored by the spilled orange-yellow light: the light reflects off the clouds.
Unfortunately, I have no unobstructed view from my garden to the trees that are seen as silhouets here. So the composition is far from what I desired, just a result from what is possible.

Although I observe this quite often, it is always a more or less absurd view.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Pentax K5, Sigma 2.8/17-70 @67mm, 10sec, f/11, ISO200.

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