Owlett Moth

While COVID is keeping me indoors, some people do turn up for a shoot.

The Indian owlett moth. - Spirama retorta

6D2, 180 Tamron, ISO 100, F11. 1/50, Flash.

Balan Vinod

Balan, this is a nice look at this moth. It sure looks like a face, with a nice mustache. Amazing how nature is designed for their own protection, as I am sure if a predictor saw the face, it would not mess with an easy prey. I like how the BG compliments the colors of the moth. Very nice.

Balan: Nice catch on this moth. I’m not familiar with it but wonder about its size. If you could get closer there are a number of cool abstracts in the wing patterns. I love the details in the wing scales. Very well done. >=))>

Balan, the details in the moth are excellent. What ever it’s on fits well color wise, with the speckles adding nicely to the sense of camouflage. The “face” is fun to view.

Nice image with excellent details on the wings. Love the patterns. Those 2 large eyes on the wings are sure to deter predators.