Pacific Wrens

Not perfect, but I was impressed how well the first one turned out at ISO 12,800 using Topaz DeNoise and I liked the second one for the forest floor environment it was in.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 7DII; Sigma 150-600 mm lens

1st: 600 mm; 1/1200 at f6.3, +1/3 EV; ISO 12,800
2nd: 191 mm:1/640 at f5.6, +1/3 EV; ISO 4000


Beautiful little wrens! Wow, it looks amazing even with your high ISO! My camera bugs out at half that! Great capture!

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It is remarkable how much fine detail there is at a very high ISO. Well done. Nice pose in the first one. If you have a bit of room on right side I might add a bit there and take a bit off on left side. I would have a look at toning down the bg in first one also.

The second one looks about ready to jump up on your boot.
Both are nice shots and good for you to get so close.

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Superb images, Allen. The first has incredible detail. I never even thought of pushing the 7DII that far, but you pulled it off beautifully. Is this close to full frame? I know getting the subject close can help with signal to noise ratio.

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Thanks, Dennis. I cropped very little here, probably about 80% or more of full frame is what you see. Also, most of the histogram is 80-90% on the right side, which probably plays a large role as well.

Great, detailed shots, Allen. Think I’ll have to up the ISO next time!

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Don’t think I can add anything that hasn’t already been noted, Allen. A couple of fine shots. Nicely done.

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The first image compositionally is really well done. You got good color, detail, and pleasing pose. The depth of field along with the background work really well in this image .

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HI Allen
You are inspiring me to keep my Canon 7Dll and Sigma 150-600mm and not spend up to $7, 000 on a R5 & 100-500mm lens.

I understand the keeper rate is higher with the R5. It was an overcast day and I was in dense forest when I took this shot and it was the only one that was worth keeping at ISO 12,800. The eye AF is a very attractive feature for me and one of the reasons I’m giving the R5 serious consideration.