Packing and Moving

Does anyone have any advice about moving with photography equipment? We will be selling our home and moving. Did you let movers take your gear? Did you ship another way? I have a small car and not room to take a lot of gear. My trunk will have a wheelchair and a few other items. Please let me know if you have any advice. Brian

Do you mean studio equipment as well as cameras and accessories? I think it all comes down to how much gear you have. When I moved 1300 miles I just put all my gear in the truck I had to rent to move the things the movers wouldn’t take (liquids, propane tanks, alcohol, etc.) so it wasn’t a problem. I don’t have studio gear so it wasn’t a lot in terms of space either. If I had to let the movers take stuff I’d definitely pack it myself and even supervise where they put it on the truck if possible.

Good morning Christen, I do not have studio gear just some cameras and lenses. I plan on packing it all myself but I just want it to safely arrive. We are going with a reliable and local moving company as well. Thank you for getting back to me.

I don’t have any real experience with this, Brian, but I think shipping the gear via UPS or similar would end up costing a bunch if you insure it and they probably toss it around more than the movers would. At least the movers only touch it twice. If it’s well packed, I don’t think they can hurt it. You can probably find room for your favorite/most expensive camera body and lens in the car somewhere.

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I’d try carefully padding and packing things in a sturdy crate that doesn’t look like it contains valuables and leave it to the movers. (They may have crates???) If it’s a multi-day trip, in your car you’ll have to haul it back and forth to motel rooms and it may be more subject to break-ins than in a moving van.

Best wishes for a safe journey and wonderful new living arrangements!

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I have moved a couple of times. I transport my photo equipment, printer and computer system with me in back of my pick up. I also rent a uhaul trailer to move some stuff since I beat the movers to my new destination. I would definitely move my computer myself since anything can happen even well packed.

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