Palouse 2019

Hi All,
This is my first posting as I recently joined NPN.
Please let me know your thoughts on this image. There’s nothing significant to share. Simple and straightforward capture in Palouse. General dodging and burning and some luminosity masking in PS.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts and I appreciate any feedback.
IG: @RezaMirzai

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Welcome to the NPN community Reza. Wonderful photo of this hill side. It has such a soft velvety feel to it, just gorgeous. Looking forward to more of you lovely images.

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Thank you so much for the kind words Linda.
Great to be part of this community.

Welcome to NPN, Reza, and beautiful first post. Overall, this is quite beautiful. The only suggestion I have would be to perhaps dodge (or even clone) the dark tree on the left side border. Being so dark, it really tends to pull my eyes there instead of the center. Other than that, this is wonderful.

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Welcome Reza to NPN. I hope to see more of your work. I live in Western Washington state, and our Tacoma Photographic Society sees a number of Palouse images. The dreamscape you accomplished with luminosity (and not softness!) is truly remarkable. Bright areas at the top of the frame would be a distraction in most images, but in this, the brightness seems to be a welcome source of light streaming onto the scene.
I agree that the left side tree is too dark, but hope that it can be dodged, as it provides some balancing weight that would be missing if cloned out.
Nice work

Welcome to NPN Reza, this is an outstanding first post :+1: :+1:

The light and colors here are luscious and rich. The landscape is very sensual, and your image does it full justice. I like your processing of color here in particular, rich vibrant colors and not over the top. Yellows and greens can be difficult to process sometimes, but you have done a great job here.

I think this is a great image, but with some small, subtle tweaks it can still be taken up a couple of notches. I’d start by eliminating some elements that create tension by being too close to the frame edges. This includes the tree on the left, the tree in the far right, and the small dark patch in the extreme upper right corner. cloning all of these away will place more emphasis on the more important cluster of trees in the upper right. I think you could also enhance this image by doing some very subtle light sculpting. Burn down the bright patches along the top frame edge. Gently dodge some of the highlights in the landscape that are already receiving light. I would dodge the main tree (the one with the diverging trunks), to call even more attention to it. If you don’t mind here is a rework that reflects my comments. To take an already good image to the next level, it’s often the small, subtle things that matter most.

Welcome to NPN and beautiful first post! I would agree with the others about dodging on the trees. I would also burn the brighter parts of the dirt Just below halfway down on the righ and would clone out the trees in the URC. All are minor suggestions and I really like this one. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your insights into the work of others.

Welcome to NPN! This is a great first post that really showcases the dappled light and interesting contours that the Palouse is known for. I like the cinematic aspect ratio of this image. Your processing looks great to my eye as well.

Thank you so much Bill! Really appreciate your time and the great feedback. Excellent points.
Take care

Thank you very much Dick. These are great suggestions and I really appreciate them.
All the Best,

Thank you Brian for the wonderful comments. Really appreciate it.
Best, Reza

Fantastic! Thanks so much Harley for spending the time and the gray feedback.

Ed, those are great points and I really appreciate your time and reviewing the image. Take care,