Palouse Falls Marmot

Taken at the rim of the Washington state waterfall.
One of my favorite little animals…
D610, iso 1000, 600mm

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A brilliant image with solid techs ! Love the pose, details and the transient background!

Jagdeep Rajput

Indeed an absolutely delightful little critter. The detail is gorgeous, and so is the soft light. Out of curiosity, is this in the Olympic Peninsula? I remember marmots in the Olympics being lighter colored, like this one, than the darker brown ones that you see, for instance, in Rainier.

NEVER MIND - I should have read the title - Palouse… I did not know they were lighter colored there.

Marmots are fun animals to photograph. He really pops with the dof you used.

Dan, the Marmot and it’s perch look great. The oof background sets everything off well.

Dan: good to see the little guys get their due. The marmot is posed nicely against the oof background. Richard