Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls Washington

This is a photo that was taken in early Spring just as the snow was melting enough to allow the roads to be navigated. The snow melt really raised the level of the creek and the curtain of water at the falls. It was hard to get this shot due to all of the mist and spray coming off of the falls.

This is a special place but I have seen the erosion and denuding of the moss at the area increase to a point where it’s a muddy mess down there. There once were trails to the creeks edge but they’re all gone now.

As photographers we need to be aware of the affect of our foot falls.

Nikon D810 - Nikkor 20mm f/2.8
1/2 sec - f/20 - ISO 100


Superb. Great light and perfect (for me) shutter speed. Too bad this is a no-critique gallery, because I would have more to say.

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Hey Gary,
One of the best I have seen of Panther…congratulations!

Have been there a few times but as of yet have not mustered the courage to descend from the overlook to the stream bottom.

Looks like it must of been difficult to keep your lens dry while shooting from this spot.

What do you think is going with the dwindling of the moss?


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@Ronald_Murphy I’m always open to critique of my photos. 1/2 sec seems to be the sweet spot, for me, when it comes to waterfalls and creeks. :slight_smile:

@Jim_Talaric Thank you Jim. I appreciate that. The erosion is being caused by the exponential increase in photographers wandering around down there. At one time there was a clear path to the water’s edge, where the best photos are to be had anyhow, but it’s ignored and the moss has been stomped to oblivion.

Just magnificent Gary. I love your processing of the light streaming through the mist and forest in the upper right corner, it creates such a warm, delicate mood in the image. And again, if you have added Orton here, it is tastefully subtle.

I really like this and it’s too bad that it is so destroyed now.

What a special image of Panther you have here Gary. Conditions look like they were definitely worth the effort, and the water flow combined with the light on that back curtain is just insane! This definitely stands apart from the many, many other images you see from here.

I haven’t visited Panther for a few years now, but have seen pics and heard reports of the muddy mess that now stands where vibrant mosses once thrived. Its a shame that a place that was once so lush and green has met the same demise that so many of our natural wonders seem to be meeting. I’m hopeful that we can do better.

Tons of atmosphere here, Gary. Love it. One of the best ones I’ve seen from here. I want this visit Panther Falls someday!

Marvelous - the mist in the background is the icing on the cake. I share your concern about too many people trampling everywhere…

@Ed_McGuirk Thank you. I added a slight Orton layer to this one to enhance the light. I tried to be subtle. :slight_smile: This was actually quite a flat and sunny day outside of this alcove. On my way up I was decrying the sunny skies. The mist from the falls created a beautiful foggy effect.

@Tom_Nevesely Thank you and I concur. :confused:

@Jared_Atencio I was fortunate that day to have the high water to create a flow all the way across the ledge. The sunlight helped finish the effect. Thank you. Back in the day it we would post all of the locations of our photos. Today I hold back info of sensitive areas. It’s a shame but we have to start realizing the impact on these places that our work has on them.

@Richard_Wong Thank you Richard. You really should spend a morning there. :slight_smile:

@Alberto_Patino-Douce It’s sad, but the sheer amount of people, even if they all were respectful, is wearing these places down. It’s unfortunate. I try to raise the awareness of this situation the best that I can. I also take a garbage bag with me in my backpack for litter that I find.

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What a spectacular shower of falls Gary. Perfect shutter speed.

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What a spectacle this must be to see in real life. The emerald forest. A green cathedral. A place of worship. It’s like something from Amazonia.

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Really an exceptional look. Agree on the traffic and the effect on the area.
Unfortunately this photo with just bring more…

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The illuminated mist is just a delight here to complement those wonderful cascades

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Very cool image. Good job working with potentially not fun light. Great atmosphere…and I know how chilly it gets down there!


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Gary, I absolutely love this image. Great looking composition, beautiful light and wonderful mood. Like the shutter speed you choose for the water too. Really nice work!

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OK, Gary, since you’re open to critique. Risking the boos and catcalls…the strong perspective distortion on the left pulled me out of the moment of enjoying this wonderful image. I put it into PS and, using the distort tool, dragged the UL corner to the left until the little cascades were (almost) vertical. You lose the upper corner of the image where the water enters, but for me the gain overcame the loss.

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Thank you my friends. I sincerely appreciate your comments. :slight_smile:

@Dan_Kearl Thus the dilemma. :confused: I am selective about posting locations. If the photo is of a place that’s already known I’m less apt to protect the location.

@Ronald_Murphy Excellent observation and selection. Being a little old school, pre-photoshop, I sometimes forget the power of the tools that I have at hand today. :wink: Warping, used to further lens distortion correction, is fair game in my book. :slight_smile:

I love the atmospherics with the light and mist in this scene, Gary. This is truly magical! Those PNW greens are so lush and inviting IMO. The lens distortion on the left does not bother me enough to lose where the cascade come in. It is a shame about the erosion of the moss. We as photographers have to tread lightly.

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Oh, this is sweet. Gary, this is a must on my list for next spring. Awesome image.

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