Pass Aspens

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Gani the dog thought I hit the brakes a bit hard here, but all-of-a- sudden, I just had to.

Specific Feedback

Grateful for any comments, thank you!

Technical Details

Canon EOS RP + RF24-70 F2.8 L @ 24mm
1/200 s, f/14, ISO 400
Circular polarizer.


Pretty easy to see why you had to stop! For starters, this triggers my vertigo big time!

The autumn tree and colors are great, but the juxtaposition with autumn colors in the far, below distance make for a great image and story. This is quite the unique perspective and viewpoint.
The light, details and depth of field all play quite nicely with this capture.

There is one feature that really stands out for me. That is the diagonal line that runs from corner to corner. It’s quite amazing I think that the diagonal branch of the tree falls exactly in line, and is continued by the ridge of autumn color in the valley below. I’m hoping you saw this and aligned this way on purpose… If not, serendipidous with very cool outcome.

The colors and processing are great and again, you have sharp detail front to back. My only suggestion really might be a crop off the left to remove the vertical branch; but more than that to take that long diagonal off center to move this away from a 50/50 split with the diagonal. That’s pretty minor and subjective. I quite like this as presented.

Thanks for sharing!


@Lon_Overacker thanks for your comments! The 2 main diagonals are indeed a feature I saw and wanted to emphasize. So I’m glad to know that worked for you. I will experiment with another crop as you suggested.