The beautiful coastal mountains of BC.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Editing: focus stack, dodge/burn, color correction.


Sensational scene, Blake.

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Fine image! Very well done.

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Beautiful shot Blake!

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Thanks John, Bob and David, very much appreciated!

Just wow! Wish I was there.


What a gorgeous scene Blake. This is really well composed and executed. I love that you got low to the flowers so that they are in your face so to speak. It doesn’t need it but you could certainly “pop” this a little bit more if so inclined. With or without added pop, this is just a gorgeous scene. I can smell the flowers. I can feel the cool air. I just feel like I’m there.

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Thanks David, much appreciated :pray::pray::pray:

Stunning image, beautifully seen, captured and processed, Blake.

Such a classically beautiful scene you’ve captured, Blake. Very well done.

Wonderful scene, good capture. Thanks for sharing, would love to see this once.