Pelican Parade

Its not often the birds align for you, but this was one for me. I’m not sure but perhaps it was because it was breeding season, (hence the more red/pink bills than usual) that these pelicans seemed to be posing on stage like some sort of beauty competition. I was really happy to catch them in this triangular formation. The image was taken in Woy Woy on the Central Coast NSW where there is an island which is a breeding sanctuary.

Technical Details


This really caught my eye, Don! First, the shape that the birds take…starting wide and narrowing as my eye goes into the frame. It looks great. Secondly the mostly black and white nature of the image, highlighted with their red bills, is pretty cool looking. Lastly, I like the rippled water in their midst, contrasting with smooth white water outside of them. Great all around!

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Many thanks Mark, happy it caught your eye and really appreciate the feedback!

Awesome High key scene, Don. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you David!

Beautiful photo, Don. I would certainly hang this one on my wall. Like David said, this is an awesome High key scene. Love everything about it.

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Thanks Donna, that is a real compliment! It gets no better than you’d hang it on your wall! :grin: