Penmon Point, Anglesey, North Wales

Hi everyone, new to the forum and first image post.

This was my take on a very well photographed location. I hoped to use the water breaking on the sprig of seaweed as a leading line up towards the lighthouse. Although the lighthouse was bathed in evening light I had hoped for more colour in the clouds.

I’m always reluctant to shoot well visited locations but I’m fairly happy how this turned out.

Exif data: shot on a Nikon D5300, tamron 10-24mm @16mm, f16, 1/4 second shutter and iso 200.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum Chris; this is a lovely first post. The diagonal line with the does an excellent job of directing me to the lighthouse and I really like that hint of reflection at it’s base. We always want more color:grinning:; but you should be happy with the result.

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Thanks Ed. We certainly do! Thanks for the reply.


A lovely scene. Most of the sky is empty and it would have been nice to have more drama in it.

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Agreed! Annoyingly, the clouds on the other side of the island lit up but the colour and drama didn’t find its way over to me.

Welcome to the Landscape forum Chris, and a wonderful first post as well. I guess we often hope for more but this works great just as it is. Nice work with the leading lines back to the lighthouse.

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Thanks Nick,much appreciated

Welcome to the forum. you’ve got a lot going here. Leading line, diagonal line, thirds. Nicely done.

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