Phenomenal Light at Dawson Falls, Mt Taranaki, NZ

When an inspiring location and great light come together.
Gotta love that excitement as the light happens!

(Focus Stacked) f8, 1/4" 16mm a7riii


Haven’t seen these falls before in person or in photographs. This is a beautiful capture with the diffused light in the background particularly appealing.

I like this image. The shutter speed is perfect for that water. But I just like the composition with all those rocks.

Really nice soft light on the water.

A very rich image, Michael…loving the light on those beautifully shaped boulders and the soft flow of the water.

@Kah-Kit_Yoong Thanks! Yeah as said, the light got me super excited, I already had the composition set up and then it happened!
@Igor_Doncov Thanks Igor. Yeah I’ve nailed down my shutter speed preferences for moving water.
@Richard_Wong Thanks Richard!
@Stephen_Stanton Thanks Stephen!

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Beautiful how you have balanced the light here! I also like how the front swoosh is lined up with the waterfall, and the low sat colors.

Michael, Love the conditions and how you photographed this scene. Wonderful work!

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