Phoenix Rising

Not an enormous amount to say about this photograph. Great light, early morning mist, and beautiful subjects – pretty hard to miss. This image was taken in 2:3 format, of course, and included what you see here plus the full reflection of the highlighted trees below the band of mist. And I thought that would be incredible. But when I looked at the downloaded image I realized the reflection was a huge distraction and largely beside the point. It seemed important to let the star of the show be the star. So, I cropped it down to 4:5, which I like best in portrait mode anyway, and tried to focus on the beautiful “V” arising defined by the trees, the mist and the light. My hope is that this image plays almost like an abstract – it is a picture of trees in the mist, but I don’t think that’s what it’s about. So, I ask – what is it about for you? Any other feedback regarding colour, composition etc. would also be most appreciated.

It is about peace and serenity, at least for me, Kerry. A place I would love to be. Very nicely done.

@linda_mellor took the words right out of my mouth: peace and serenity. I want to just sit with a nice cup of morning coffee and stare at this scene. Nice work!

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What a beautiful mystic muse, Kerry. Wonderful mist on the water rising up to the trees. Terrific.

This is really beautiful and I’m really glad you chose to crop it the way you did. I agree that the reflection would have been a distraction. That tree rising out of the mist is just magical! To me this image is about hope and all of the good things yet to come.

Kerry, after looking at this for a few minutes I have to say that I see a Covid abyss in the misty foreground fog that’s trying to rise up and take down all that is good with the world and that good, and hope, and humanity will trump disease every time. That centered tree is like God being flanked by his followers. I’m not a particularly religious person but I do see something spectacular in that center tree. The reflection would have been a mistake for sure. Good of you to see that Kerry. For this image, I think I would like a lighter, more uplifting frame.

@linda_mellor , @David_Mullin - I’m a bit surprised that both of your takes on this is “peace and serenity”. Of course, you can’t be wrong and I love that you see something in this that does surprise me. Thank you both.
@David_Bostock - “Mystic Muse” - love it. Thanks so much for your sharing, David.
@Tom_Nevesely - Thank you Tom, I appreciate your take on this.
@David_Haynes - Now we’re talkin’ - “Covid Abyss”. Your take kind of jibes with mine. Manichean - almost a battle between dark and light where each is continuously arising out of the other. The mist does have a miasmic feel to it . As for God being flanked by his followers, if we follow that train of thought, who is the Dark Dude whispering into God’s left ear? Ooooh. As for the lighter frame, I’ve put it up there but I’m thinking it depends on which polarity I want to tip towards. Thanks, as always, David.

I think you were right to use the darker frame Kerry. The lighter frame is not working for me. Thanks for trying though. Superb image.