Pine Sap Droplet

I have to admit someone else in my group noticed the streaks on this dead tree and then, after closer inspection, pointed out the droplets. Three of us whipped out our tripods and macro lenses immediately.

105mm, iso64, 0.4sec, f11

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others. !

That is way too cool, Anna! Love the golden color of the Pine Sap. I will have to keep my eye out for a photo op whenever I get around some old Pine trees. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Shirley! An unexpected find and yes, I’m keeping an eye open for more sap photo ops. :wink:

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Great textures and colors going on here Anna. Good for you and your group to see this. I had to laugh when you said “sap ops” . . .sounds like a new trend.

Thanks Linda! We had more than one person stop and ask what we were looking at.

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