Plant at waterline

I found this strange plant at the waterline at the beach close to my weekend cottage at the south coast of Sweden. It was lit by the evening sun making it glow against the blue-colored shallow water.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/13, 1/30, ISO 800, macro 120 mm equiv. (mft system)

Ola, that is an interesting plant. I love the colors of the plant and the shallow water. Blue and orange go well together. It is amazing what we can find in nature in which we have never seen before. Good eye. Maybe someone on here will know what it is. Do you think it was washed ashore? I’m guessing that.

What a find indeed. This feels more like an alien world then a Swedish beach (and at least the latter I have visited a few times). Great play between light and shadow and wonderful colours. The glints of sunlight also add to feeling of wonder here. Great image.

@Shirley_Freeman and @Ingemar_Holmkvist, thanks for your kind comments. Probably it has been washed ashore, I have not either seen anything like this at the beach before.

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