Playing in the Backyard

Playing in the Backyard
(Susan Porter) #1

Playing around with my new camera in the backyard when I spotted my geranium blooming.

Fuji X-T3 1/30 80mm f/8 ISO 160

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(Harley Goldman) #2

Beautiful flowers and very effective shallow dof. Have fun with the new system.

(James T. Abraham (JT)) #3

Great capture. My eye moves from the lower left and pops into focus on the beautiful flower. I like the colors as well.

(Ian Wolfenden) #4

Very nice, Susan ! I like the way the dark leaf plays against the brightness of the main flower and how the image recedes into the distance, catching more flowers along the way.

(Susan Porter) #5

Thank you very much, Harley

(Susan Porter) #6

Thank you James. My eye does similar.

(Susan Porter) #7

Thank you Ian. The contrast between the leaf and flower are one of my favorite parts.