Pool Party!

My photo buddy and I camped in a meadow surrounded by 30-40 coastal grizzly’s at any one time. We hiked for 12 hours a day, taking a break mid-day for food and rest. The light was insane and stayed warm until well after 11pm, when the sun would set behind the glaciers. The bears were so engaged in each other they barely noticed us.

This day was HOT for Alaska and the boars kept getting in the glacial stream and sparring with each other. Seeing these full grown bears having a fun tussle with each other was an incredible opportunity for action photography. It wasn’t until after they left I noticed water had splashed into my hip boots. I would do it all over again!

Technical Details

Shot with Sony A1 and 100-400mm lens. Focal length for this shot was 280mm. ISO 1000 f10 to catch all the splashes and 3200 of a sec to get tack sharp motion.


Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful image with us, Julie. Quite the moment captured here.

Great interaction, beautifully captured !

Incredible! What an experience! I agree, definitely worth the wet boots and long hiking day.