Praia da Murtinheira#7 (Murtinheira Beach)

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810
Tamron 24-70


Very much like the contrast between the dark, hard, textureful rock and the light, soft, blurry sky and water. It’s a very effective combination. The aspect ratio of the image seems a bit nontraditional, maybe somewhere between square and 4:5? I think it contains the image nicely, though I could also see liking a square or something with a stronger landscape dimension.

The first thing that strikes me is the stark contrast between the dark, sharp, angular rocks and the gentle, soft hues and textures of the sky and water. Lovely.

Beautiful. I love the soft understated colors with the elegant earth tones. The water line mimicking the rock line nicely leads me from the strongly defined foreground to the foggy ethereal distance, creating a great mysterious mood. I quite like this one. No nits here.

You have some great light here. In fact now that I think of it , all of your landscapes are shot under optimum light. This is a fine grand landscape and it’s also the type of image that appeals to a greater number of people. I think that works in your favor. There is a good balance of size and placement of all the major shapes that make this image. I also like the level of color saturation here, which is also typical of your work. I think the sunlit cloud in the top left center adds a lot to this image. It adds warmth and life to the feel of it. The only thing that may be a bit awkward is the horizontal line of sand near the bottom. But that’s pretty picky because someone else may not even find it so.

A gorgeous image @joaoquintela. It has a soft, understated beauty to it for a grand landscape. I love gentle pastel colors that you used here, they are very harmonious with the soft feeling created by the surf spray in the air. This gentle mood, combined with a strong composition produces an outstanding image.

Thank you all for your comments