Primitive Pillars

This location in eastern Colorado is certainly known by Coloradans, but many outside the state may be unaware of this interesting location. The Paint Mines Interpretive Park is one of El Paso County’s fascinating natural features. Surrounded by a rolling a short grass prairie, seemingly out of nowhere, is this unique erosional area that exposes the underlying selenite clays. These clays are so vibrant they were collected and used by Native Americans for paint.

Fascinating Ken. Been through El Paso county several times and am sorry to say I never knew about the Paint Mines. Good to know. Thanks for sharing the story and photo.


What a fine invitation to a fascinating site. Like Bisti, but less remote.

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Thanks, Linda! FYI…Paint Mines is also a great place for night sky photography as well. One does have to get a permit for night access, however.

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Yea, now that you mention, Bisti, there is some similarities.