Problem using NPN on iPad

I am new to iPad use and have a problem. When I open NPN and choose Landscape Critiques, all is well. If I want to see a photo and read the comments, I click on it, and all is well. The problem is going backwards, ie, when I am done with this post how do I get back to the page showing all of the photo entrees? I don’t see a backwards arrow anywhere and swiping doesn’t work either. Any suggestions?

Hi Tony,

Not sure if this will help but it’s worth mentioning just in case.
See if there is an area with three horizontal bars near the top somewhere, if you tap on that, the categories should show up in a pop-up window so you can navigate to the one you want.

I’m not very savvy with iPads or cell phones so that’s all I can think of.

Hi Tony, swiping back should work, you just need to start on the left edge of the screen, on the black bezel. I just tried it on my iPad and it works as expected. Let me know if you still have issues and let me know what browser your using, which iPad and the iOS version.

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