Psychedelic Sunset - with first rework

An utterly crappy day until the sun briefly broke through the low horizon cloud cover. Everything was just off color, off tone, off into the wild blue yonder…

Specific Feedback Requested

Yeah…throw everything at it you can…I like the image but just can’t seem to get the tonal balance right. I can tell you from when I shot it, my mind’s eye remembers this. Unfortunately, the original file went with one of my removable hard drives I lost in the hurricane, thus no technical data.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Other than standard ACR corrections and some Calibration tweaking, I haven’t done much to what came out of the camera raw tweaks.

Great sky and reflected light. I would be inclined to crop out at least half the top dark cloud and eliminate the top bright area. Pulling it down nicely brings more attention to the water for me. Otherwise, processing looks really good to my eye.

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Interesting…I had given thought to perhaps taking out part of the water but upon doing your suggestion, I can see a better focus. Thanks!

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I like Harley’s crop suggestion too. I can’t think of anything else to change. It looks good to me. Definitely a keeper.

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Your repost nailed it for me Chris. Very nice mix of warm and cool tones and that thin cloud crossing the sun makes the image for me.

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Great colours, light and layering. I do agree with Harley’s crop suggestion, I also agree with you - while the reflections at the bottom of the frame are lovely, I don’t feel like that is what this photograph is about. To me it is about the layers. I think this image would be stronger with about ⅓ of the water cropped from the bottom.