Puerto de Aliva. Picos de Europa

Specific Feedback Requested

My intention with this image is to express the sense of travel through one of the most beautiful paths I visited in my life. I’m not sure I made it.

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Hi Augusto, this certainly has me intersted in going up the path to see what’s hidden beyond. I think you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. This has a warm, soft, natural feel with a muted contrast. You might be able to brighten it up a tad and add just a touch more contrast to help give the scene more depth. That’s just a personal choice as I also really like it as is. Well done.

This has a sense of high adventure to it. It has that raw beauty that is becoming more hard to find in the US outside of Alaska. A couple of suggestions. The shadowed part looks overly green. I would play with the color cast in that area. I would also move the white point to the right just a bit in the shadowed area. Reminds me of Alaska in a way.


Once you mentioned a “sense of travel,” opening up the large view i easily made that connection. A well captured landscape - and it’s the hint of the road that actually helps pull the eye through the frame and giving the viewer a sense of travel - or destination.

The heavy overcast is great for the color and detail, not so much for a great sky - but then this image isn’t about the sky.

I do get a sense of place and I think this is beautifully photographed. I do think this is a classic case of, you were there, you got to experience the emotions of being there and what it meant to you being there. And really, that is what is important. I wasn’t there, and so I don’t have that same connection - but you most certainly have captured a sense of travel and sense of place.

Can’t think of anything I would change.

thanks for sharing!


I would title this “Beckoning” as the snow covered mountain that is just barely peaking up between the foreground hills are enticing the viewers to climb just a little bit farther to get to that beautiful mountain back there. This has backpacking written all over it to me and since I was an avid pack packer in my earlier years, this has brought back some great memories of “what’s just over the next pass.”
I agree with @Lon_Overacker about you being in the moment and time of the capture which is certainly a different emotion than what a viewer is going to feel about the same scene who has never been there before. But as I said, this immediately brought me back to my back packing days. I hope you had a wonderful trip on this outing. It sure looks like it would be hard not to. Beautiful, unspoiled and natural scenery.

I agree with the commenters, it is a very inviting place. The viewer can not help but to want to follow the trail. I tried cropping in closer, still leaving the top of the creek and I think it helped me to want yo put on my hiking boots and get on the trail. Well done.