Puma Cub

I think the highlight of this year’s Patagonia tour was our multiple encounters with a puma family featuring four very young cubs. On this particular evening, we had them near the road, which was fortunate since we were inside the national park (where no off-road/off-trail exploration is allowed). Mom was bedded down in the long grass, but the cubs spent a lot of time out in the open playing and wrestling. After sundown, this cub wandered off on its own into this photogenic long grass.

Canon 1DXII
Canon 600mm f/4 + 1.4x
ISO 2000



Love the curved grasses and the placement of Puma Cub in the frame.

Wow, I’m jealous! Wild pumas are something most will never get to see in person.

I love this capture. The cub is adorable of course, but there is something pensive about her expression, I like how she is looking back into the center of the frame, and the character and texture of the long grass creates a stunning backdrop. Great shot.

Thanks, Jagdeep and Sean.