Puma Cubs

I’ve finally published my “Best of 2019” collection (which can be viewed here). I felt compelled to pick at least one of the images from our multiple encounters with the cute foursome of puma cubs in Chile during my May tour. This was probably my favorite.

We had to hike quite a ways uphill to reach a guanaco carcass left by the mother puma. It was just inside the national park boundary (where one is not allowed to venture off-road/off-trail), which meant we could get up there and set up on the neighboring private land (where off-trail travel is allowed). Now we just needed pumas!

It wasn’t until the very end of the afternoon, just before the sun dipped below the mountains, that the cubs appeared on the far ridge. Having them out in the waning light made the tough climb and dealing with the cold worthwhile. Things got dark fast after this, but the cubs actually came all the way over (within 25 yards) without their mother to inspect the carcass. A fantastic encounter.

Canon 1DXII
Canon 600mm + 1.4x
ISO 800


A great image, Max, and story to go with it. I also enjoyed your best shots. Wonderful selection. Thank you for sharing.

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Well worth the time and energy required to capture a couple of cooperative cubs in lovely light which their eyes fixed directly on you. Exquisite!

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Hi Max ! It is super cute, I like the way they are looking down at you, :smile:
I happened to see and admire your Best of 2019, congratulations !!

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The cute factor here is REALLY high! One of the things that I like very much about the image is leaving them small in the frame. The environment included is important and adds a lot to this image for me. I’m actually working on an upcoming NPN article on this very topic. Nice capture.

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