Pygmy Marmoset

Coming back down river from the Napo Wildlife Center to Sani we caught up with the smallest monkey in the world, with a body measurement of between 4.5 and 6 inches and with a tail extending another 7-9 inches and tipping the scales at a whooping 100grams ( about .2 LBS) the Pygmy Marmoset is one of the smallest primates in the world. We saw a total of three monkeys -one of which offered the expression I received here :grin:

Equipment information:

Nikon D500
Nikkor 500mm F/4

Camera settings:

1/400s @ f/6.3
ISO 250

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These guys were fun, love the tongue out here Chuck, difficult lighting.

Interesting pose, but the harsh lighting isn’t doing you any favors. I do like the eyeball and tongue pose. The little fella looks alert and ready to scamper!

Thanks for your input Phil. Yes, the light was less than ideal but I thought the subject was worth the post in light of its flaws.



The light may have been harsh, but you have nice details in both light and dark areas, as well as good color overall. If time had allowed you might have been able to use a bit of fill flash.

Nice capture. The facial expression makes this one. I wonder if some of the shadow detail could be brought out?