Rah-roh... NPN site issues?

Hey gang, I’m seeing bad behavior in all browsers, but first noticed when coming in this morning, but my avatar image is messed up and it appears that anyone who either has a system-applied avatar, or one based on Google account (like mine,) that the avatars aren’t displaying.

But also, the entire site is not loading properly in both Chrome and FF. My avatar not right in Edge.

I know I was a away for a few days, perhaps I missed something… Anyone else seeing issues?


Not sure what happened there, had to reboot the server. Everything should be okay now!

Hi David,

I really appreciate your diligence and efforts!
However, I’m still seeing the same issues that seemed to begin early this morning.

Emoji loading is erratic, some load and some don’t, not essential to have emojis but it is a glitch.

Anytime I click on an image to enlarge it to full screen, the image opens in a new tab, and in a WEBP format, can’t download any of them for edits if we need to.

Sometimes the response window just disappears while typing and it won’t reload properly, some of the text is missing when it does reload, which means it’s not caching the text entries correctly.

There may be more issues but that’s all I’ve noticed on my end so far.


Sorry about this everyone, I am working furiously on a solution!

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I believe I found the problem, if you are still having issues please try restarting your browser and let me know if everything is working now.

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Thanks so much, David, as far as I tell everything is back to normal now. :slight_smile: :+1:

Much Appreciated!!

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Thank you David! Yes, back to normal for me. That was weird… SW and technology… and just think we’re headed right for full AI… can’t wait! LOL.

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WOW, I thought it was that second cup of that rot gut java catching up to me… :alien:
Looks fine now. Thanks David.

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By me also that problem (opening NPN in a strange way) but not with images. Now it’s over.
Thank you david

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If anyone is still having issues with this, please try the following:

  1. Close all the tabs in your browser
  2. Clear the cache in your browser
  3. Restart your browser

I was having trouble getting into NPN for the past day or so. I just deleted all of my cookies (too bad I couldn’t eat them instead :laughing:) and it seems to be better now. Although I just noticed that I’m having problems displaying the emojis…


I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.

Glad you figured it out Tom! I’m afraid I’m not seeing the emoji issue, would be curious if anyone else is…

Allen Sparks hasn’t been able to access the site today. I had the same problem on my tablet this morning, but I can access it from my Desktop computer without a problem.

The screen we both get looks like this:

Hey Dennis, please see this and let me know if it fixes it. I’ll merge these topics. Rah-roh... NPN site issues? - #10 by David_Kingham

I found another problem and fixed it, please refresh and let me know if this works @Dennis_Plank and @Allen_Sparks

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Hi David,

Looks like it’s fixed. Thank you!


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@David_Kingham , you are a saint! Thank you so much for all of your hard work to keep NPN, not only up and running, but at a stellar level.

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I’m on my home computer now and there are no problems with the emojis like I was seeing on my computer at work. I’ll check it there again on Monday but I think the problem is probably on my end.

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Thansk Linda, but definitely not a saint considering I probably caused the issue in the first place! :rofl:

I’m confident that it will be fine at your work as well now.

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