This was taken on another trek to one of the corners of the Snowdonia range that is seldom visited by too many folk. From this vantage point you can see most of the major peaks in the area. It was a pretty chilled and peaceful day on the mountain. The soft diffused light coming through the hazy cloud really helped accentuate this feeling.

The techy stuff:
11 shot panorama stiched in LR
Sony A7ii | Canon 24-70 f/2.8L
28mm | f/13 | 1/8s ISO100
Few tweaks in LR and used a lum mask to help control the highlights in the upper right corner


The landscape in Wales is spectacular and not frequently presented. I like the contrast of the sharper rocks with the more smooth shapes of the hills.

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A very beautiful composition, Eugene - the flow of the landscape is a treat for the eye. Love the colours too - the pale yellows brought out by the blue of the sky.

I like the tonal range most.
I notice (dxo.com) that lens starts loosing sharpness dramatically after f11
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I join the comment of Ian_Wolfenden, Eugene. A beautiful image.
I have some difficulties to sense the scale (is this the right expression in English?), because you stitched 11 images at 28mm. How large are the sharp peaks in the FG?

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and apologies for taking while to reply. Have had some PC issues.

@bob4 yeah its pretty amazing around here and you are right, we dont see it enough. There are always more shots of Scotland or the Lake District. Glad you like those elements. I especially liked the fore/background contrast too.

@Ian_Wolfenden and @Han_Schutten thanks to you both. The colours in the landscape here really come alive in spring and autumn. Tons orange, yellow and gold tones. It can be a bit overwhelmingly green in the summer.

@Han_Schutten yep, you got it right. The peaks in the foreground are just bit of rock sticking out the ground, maybe 0.5 - 1m high. The peaks in the background are about 1000m high, I was trying to emphasise the foreground in this shot as to make it the ‘subject’ of the image. But i can see what you mean when you saying you are struggling to get the sense of scale. I quite like the sense of abiguity of not really know how big everything is. Thank you for commenting :smiley:

@stevenm Thanks glad you like the tonal range, One of my favourite bits of the image too, Are you talking about the lens I used or lenses in general? Every lens has it’s sharpest aperture and therefore at every other fstop there will be some kind of fall off. Yes, I agree that at larger fstop numbers f16, etc you can get a bit of diffraction resulting in softness. I think it’s a case of what is accpetably sharp. I have shot plenty of images at f/16 and had fantastic results. I recently enlarged an image shot at f/16 to 36" and am perfectly happy with the results. With this image i did not notice any fall off in quality between f/11 and f/13. f/13 just happened to be the apeture that worked best for me on this occasion.

Thanks Eugene for your explanation!

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