Raoulia mat in old glacier valley

This was taken in an old glacier valley at about 800m. In that valley there are many areas of Raoulia sp. (mat daisies) mixed with different mosses. Just before this visit the valley had been wet and in this condition it is vibrant with the bright colours of the various mat daisies. In this image the main daisy is Raoulia haastii, and the darker green one is Raoulia hookeri (I think). Anyway I thought this little scene would make a cute wee photo, and it sat still for me while I fiddled with my camera and ‘captured’ it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment and criticism is welcome. I realise the scene is a bit ‘cute’ but I was attracted to it because its natural composition seemed to be begging for a self portrait.

Technical Details

1/250s, f22, ISO 400
LR, slight cropping, PS and TK8 to adjust tones


I love the contrasts of texture and colour here. Ideally, I’d like to see a bit more space above the branch at the top, but that was the part which was most difficult to focus on, and you did really well with f22. I think you got the exposure and tones spot on.

I don’t find it cutesy - the shapes are bold and interesting and I think you’ve done a good job presenting the contrasts well. The profusion of flowers looks amazing. The two species are so different and show that distinction well here. A bit more room on the top maybe…if it’s not possible, maybe Content Aware Fill in Ps would pull it off.

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Thanks @Mike_Friel and @Kris_Smith for your comments. The top was a bit of a problem as it is well OOF and a bit ugly, hence the less than desirable top crop.
I don’t know what content aware fill is Kristen, but I will look into that (and do some more learning) for yet another image processing discovery. So much to learn, and it takes me away from taking photos when I get some spare time. Cheers.

Phil, I find the curved dead branch defines the composition. The flowers are amazing at higher magnification. Very well done.

Thanks Ravi, I really appreciate your comments on this one. Cheers.