Rare Bird

This is a somewhat “Rare Bird” a white peacock. This one resides at Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, FL Like most zoological parks and aquariums these days, they are closed. These parks need our help. They have no income from admissions yet have to maintain the health and welfare of their inhabitants .

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Very nice photo Kelly. Really like the white on white. I saw this past weekend an article about how zoos are struggling financially. A good reminder, at least for me, as I had not even thought of their dilemma - no admissions but still a massive upkeep of the animals. Thanks for the reminder.

This is a really beautiful image. I thought of a wedding dress!

That is quite a bird! Details and exposure look good. I’m not a big fan of white vignettes, but if ever there were a time to use one, this is it! I’d also read the news about zoos. They’re definitely in a tough spot.

Very pretty image of this bird. I’m moving it over to human and fauna since captive birds aren’t allowed in Avian. This from the posting guidelines

Photos taken of captive birds at zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers may be posted in the Human & Fauna category

Very nice, Kelly. I really like the way you framed this and the subtle white vignette. Lots of organizations are in that fix now, and we need to help all we can.

The white vignette is perfect for this.