Red Fox Kit and Bee

I came across red fox kits and this one stayed around long enough for a few photos. He/she was being pestered by a bee. I like the look on the fox’s face.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything to improve.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90 D,
Sigma 150-6–C @ 468mm
Iso 1600
F 6.3
1/800 shutter.

Great expression for sure! Looks a little soft. Not sure if it’s a focus point issue or a shutter speed issue. Could be both. The colors look good although it is a tad bright. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Kristen, thanks for the feedback. I was hand holding the Sigma 150-600 so that may have added to some softness but I think it is more me over doing noise reduction. I will practice instead of using the auto profile. My Sigma is on the Canon 90 D. One think I have noticed with the combination is the camera tends to over expose the image even though the meter says a bit under exposed. I really like the camera but I am not sure if the issue is the camera or the camera and lens combination. I need to try shooting on a Canon lens. Brian

A cute subject and I like the expressions.
It is overexposed and there’s motion blur in the face. If your camera isn’t giving accurate exposure, you may check the histogram in the field and make necessary corrections.

Thank you Jagdeep, But I always use the view finder and not use the LCD. I do not think there is a way to see the histogram through the view finder.