Red mountain pass and Dallas Divide

Red mountain pass and Dallas Divide

(David Kingham) #1

Red mountain area is starting to change quickly, it looks to be 5-7 days early in some areas. The west side is about 30% changed while the east side is still very green. The colors are fantastic this year with lots of red, orange, and the yellows are very vibrant.

The scrub oak around Dallas divide is coming along quickly as well, it’s a little dull but sill looks nice.

Pockets of vibrant leaves around Telluride as well but mostly green.

(Ryan Stikeleather) #2

Looking good! Thanks for adding more updates.

(Brent Doerzman) #3

Thanks David!! Can’t wait to get out!!

(Ken Henke) #4

Thanks for the info, David. Now we just need the vegetation to hold up a bit and let some fall weather and snow move in.

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