Red Sheep of the Family

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400-GII @ 300mm
ISO 400, 1/100 @ f8, -1.7 fill flash
We have a nice stand of yellow/orange coneflowers but this lone red guy just keeps begging to be a film (pixel :roll_eyes:) star. I used a little fill to bring out some details in the cone center. All comments welcome. >=))>

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I agree that it’s begging to be a star, Bill. To me, the bright yellow of the background flowers isn’t allowing it to shine the way it wants to. I just can’t keep my eye in that part of the frame with the competition from above. Maybe a lower angle to superimpose the red on the yellow? Or maybe shade the yellow flowers?

The star for sure, Bill. I agree with Dennis though that the yellow ones in the back must be jealous as they are crying for attention too. I like how you filled in the lighting in the red coneflower though. When ours bloom I will have to remember that.

Way to go!!! 3d !! larry

The red flower centre has come out well here, Bill, and I like the idea of setting it against a backdrop of oof flowers. Like others, I could wish the latter were not quite so bright, but the perspective is really nice.