Red Shouldered Hawk

Just wondering if I should remove the hanging moss or perhaps even include more of it with a looser crop?

Olympus E-M1 MKII with PL 100-400 at 350mm. 1/40 and f7.1, ISO 200 handheld.

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Beautiful capture of this bird Steve. The focus on the head came out very well and the rest of the hawk came out sharp and great details. I might try a little more contrast, but not sure really. I did download the photo and used Photoshop content aware to remove the area in the upper right. I also cropped a little on the right and bottom. Left everything else the same. Nice job Steve

Thanks Dean and your edits definitely create a cleaner image, which I guess is your preference. I also played around with it ,and think I like this version with a bit more of the environment, plus the horizontal flip.

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I love the lighting, sharpness, subtle colors of this image and the “posed” look of the profile view. The face/eye are fantastic. I also really like the horizontal flip but I wish I did not know it was a horizontal flip.

When I have done my own horizontal flips they just rub me the wrong way and I come away thinking yes, the image looks better but I am still somewhat disappointed by doing the flip.


I think is a stronger image than the original post (not because it if flipped ) but because of more room around the bird. Goes along with the article I wrote that was published this morning. Context matters. I’d love to even see more of this setting as the moss on the tree is very nice. Maybe there’s even more??

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Thanks Keith and I feel the same once I flip the image. I find that if I come back to it a few days later and try it both ways the flipped image becomes much less upsetting.

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Thanks Keith and yes there is a bit more. This one has been cropped slightly from the top plus the flip. Your article came through a day late for me. LOL

A gorgeous shot of the hawk, Steve. Personally, I’d go with a looser crop on both sides. I happen to be a big fan of moss and lichen, so I’d leave it. The repost is excellent.

Oh, I don’t know that it was a day late :grinning:

This version of your image is quite nice. Even if this version is the full frame, compare your original post with this version. It’s a nice example of the message I attempted to convey in my article.

In the original, the little bit of moss on the right is just a distraction. In this version (even flipped), the moss adds context and a nice compositional element.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback which has helped me a lot with this image, and future images.

This is a very nice look at the hawk with excellent detail and a nice pose. I like the third version as well. The lichen makes for a nice framing element. I also like the perch with the interesting foliage coming out of it.

The more space around the bird the better imo, would you have some on the lower end as well, as to include the ‘virtual tail’? Lovely setting by the way for the beautiful raptor. Love it ! Hans

Thanks Hans. It’s become one of my favorite hawk images.

I also prefer the last image with more space and more habitat. And thanks for posting the progression of images. It really is a nice way to show the different looks a photo can have.

You got nice and close to it as well so good for you.

It is a dandy.

Thank you David. Funny thing is that I would have missed it if it weren’t for a park employee. He stopped his vehicle when he saw me with the camera gear, and pointed to the hawk that had just flown in right over his 4 wheeler. Sometimes you just have one of those lucky days.